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An open letter to the World Community

March 27, 2006

An Open Letter to the World Community

This is a great honor for us to present to you our open letter to the world community.

The Lao government declared, late in the year 1999, that they intend to eliminate all resistance within its borders of Lao and Thailand. They indicated that they were committed to destroying all resistance by 2003. This began a campaign of murder, kidnap, torture, unjust imprisonment, and the imprisonment of all those who were suspected to be involved in the Freedom Fighter’s struggle. The Lao government also engaged Secret Services, which paid Thai police to eliminate all Lao resistance members in Thailand. This “cleansing” campaign started with an initial funding of twenty thousand baht per head. Funding than increased up to five hundred thousand baht, which applied to a bounty that was either dead or alive. The names of suspected targets were indicated on a blacklist which was supplied to the Thai police. Thank God we are still standing, and through our struggles, we have become stronger than before.

Early in February of 2001 the Thai government began its own campaign against freedom fighters and anyone providing aid to the resistance. Mostly targeting those who lived alongside the Laos-Thai borders, parts of this campaign had eliminated laws previously established against communism in Thailand. This campaign was meant to cover up the eradication of freedom loving people. Before this occurred our people jointly worked conscientiously side by side with the Thai military and the Thai National Security Organization. Together, we exchanged information, secured and patrolled the borders to end drug trafficking, and defended against the incursion of the communist regime attempting to reach inside Thailand. This information can be found in Thai military intelligence records.

A Thai telecommunications satellite, placed in service in Laos to benefit businesses between Thailand and Laos, was subsequently released to the military for the sole purpose of securing an agreement of assistance to destroy all Lao resistance between both countries’ borders. To the detriment of the Lao people, Lao began selling cheap electricity to Thailand. An agreement also struck to allow Thailand to participate in building dams in Laos that would ultimately destroy the lands of the people living there. It was agreed that Thailand would clear-cut all timber out of the proposed dam area before the water was raised, thereby taking one of the few natural resources of our country. As part of this agreement, the Thai military would also train all Lao communist military officers in Thailand.

Subsequently, the Thai government removed the military presence along its borders and replaced it with Thai police who were offered bounties on the heads of members of Lao Freedom Fighters. Every month, we unfortunately hear of innocent people and families being arrested, shot dead, or kidnapped by undercover Thai police officers who received payment to maintain that activity. Some of our people were sent back to Laos as a result of a bounty placed on their heads set by Lao government Secret Services to be imprisoned or killed by government authority.

The Thai government has signed many similar agreements to empower and decreased the security patrols between the Lao and Thai borders. This was in exchange for assistance in eliminating the resistance movement throughout the country. The last agreement clearly indicates cooperation between Bangkok and Vientiane to crack down on all resistances and movement fighting against Lao communists lead by Thai Defense Minister Gen. Thammarak Isarangura Na Ayutthaya and was signed in Vientiane the 14th session on July 16th, 2005.

Because all of this agreement, 8 American citizens were shot dead, and two others are missing in Thailand. This is in addition to some 21 other people shot dead and 47 missing members of the resistance movement who lived in Thailand. This was an act that was covered up by Thai police who claimed that those deaths “may have involved drug traffickers or arms dealers.” It was not until January 18th, 2006 that the Thai police began a formal investigation into the deaths of two more American citizens. According to Thai authorities, their deaths were caused by Thai police who claimed they were paid by the Lao government to execute anyone suspected to be connected to, or directly involved with the resistance movement. Many more people, including businessmen and prominent citizens, were also blacklisted by Thai immigration and Laos.

We are asking the world community to help stop this secret network of Lao government and please help us by placing this current Thai authority and their policy of murder and destruction under world scrutiny so we can stop these harmful actions immediately.

On behalf of the Lao Liberal Democratic Party, which has always supported the struggle for peaceful change in Laos, I highly urge you to persuade the Lao government to recognize that the Lao Liberal Democratic and Freedom Fighters do not fight against the current government and their members. We fight to unite all of the Lao peoples and to liberate the democracy leading to guarantee all of the basic human rights and dignity for all Lao peoples.

Hopefully, democracy and both human and civil rights, will be once again be given back to the Lao people with an agreement to solve problems in a peaceful way.

Respectfully yours,

Central Committee of Lao Liberal Democratic Party Office Representative,
Somnuk Phongsouvanh

President of the Lao Liberal Democratic Party


03 2006