Seripasathipatai Lao is the newsletter of the Lao Liberal Democratic Party.

Why are we fighting?
We are fighting for freedom and liberation. The Lao people are enslaved by a foreign
government. We, the Lao people wish to have the right as a sovereign nation to seek our own
destiny, to protect our own mother land and borders, to have our own government and to bring
our country back to its national solidarity as one Lao, not in and outside the country like now.
Our fight is a fight of justice, for a democratic way of life for the Lao people. We, all the
people of the Lao nation have to safeguard the national heritage, to protect our national integrity
and all of Lao people’s Human Rights, according to the U.N Declaration to guarantee justice to
the Human being society.
In the world of the Lao people whose basic rights are under the control of a foreign
government and the Lao people who seek liberation want to enjoy the life and customs of our
ancestors in a free society. Instead, we are being ruled by a foreign government, The Lao
government which is controlled and orchestrated by a foreign government creates an atmosphere
of confinement for the Lao people, without freedom and democracy.
The Lao Freedom Fighting Forces of the Lao Liberal Democratic Movement continue to
fight for Democracy and Freedom for Lao people.
-Because of the foreign dictatorship controlled under which the Lao country is governed,
there are no human rights and freedom, and harsh maltreatment of our citizens, who are without
justice nor integrity, which is a right for all of our people in the Lao country.
-Because of the Dictators power which only serves to the advantage of the foreign
government and not for the Lao people.
-Because of the economic and national resources which are stored and exchanged that
create powerful foreign individual wealth, and causing national poverty, bankruptcy, which
causes the national currency to not have any international support. The creating of unjust taxes
which causes unjust suffering on the Lao people.
-Because of the unjust social system, the Lao people’s safety isn’t guaranteed. The Lao
people are abandoned and limited to where they may live and the old members of the government
live in poverty.
-The Dictators use of the Lao Army to control our own people, by fear and intimidation,
instead protecting our border against foreign aggression.
-We need the Vientiane party; we want the Vientiane to come out to talk.
Somnuk Phongsouvanh
President of the Lao Liberal Democratic Party
April 24, 2010.

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