An open letter to the World Community

January 15, 2006

An Open Letter to the World Community

For over 30 years we have waited patiently for the current Lao government to fulfill their promise to the Laotian people of a better life and improved conditions. During this time we have seen a deterioration of living conditions for all but the elite within the government. Our people have been struggling for the basic necessities of life and have experienced nothing but abuse of the land, the people, and our nature resources.

Today, our people are committed to regaining their country, its natural beauty, and their lives. Our people have committed their very lives to the struggle for freedom and democracy. We are committed to achieving our goal of bringing back to the table the Lao government to recognize the Lao Liberation Democratic Movement and Freedom Fighters as the legitimate representatives of the Lao people, and to relinquish their control over our country.

We are therefore urging all visitors, business interests, and countrymen to avoid highways #8, #9 and #13. On December 2, 2005 we began roadblocks on these roadways for the intent to get the attention of the Lao government. As a result of these actions many innocent Lao people have been taken from their homes, and held in prisons without cause, and then brutally interrogated. We do not wish to bring harm to our people, or to any visitors to our land, but the Lao government has left us no options to resolve this very serious issue. We cannot, guarantee the safe passage of travelers through these regions, and we pray that no harm comes to anyone because of the inaction of the Lao government.

It is our position that business-as-usual cannot continue. We believe that by taking a strong stand the Lao government will recognize the need for serious negotiations. We also believe that we speak with the voice of the majority of the Lao people. It is not our intention to resolve issues through the use of violence, and we have always believed in change through peaceful rneans, but the need for action now is great.

We ask that you, the people of the World Community, support our struggle for human rights and encourage the Lao government to discuss with us the future of all Lao people and bring about change for our country. We ask your support in returning the country and its government back to its people. We ask that you, the World community, assist us in achieving basic human rights for all our people.


Somnuk Phongsouvanh
President of the Party
Central Representative

Lao Liberal Democratic Movement and Freedom Fighters

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