Please read about the Overseas Laotian Skills Bank Project for the Reconstruction of Laos.

SVP lisez les informations à propos du projet de banque de qualifications des Laotiens d'outre-mer pour la reconstruction du Laos.

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Application Form

Completing and returning the questionnaire does not mean that you have been selected or are making a commitment to serve. It only means that you may be interested in being linked to the organizations working in the reconstruction in Laos.

Please send this questionnaire to family members and friends.

Personal Information
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Contact Information

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Do you have dependents whom you support? (spouse, children or others)

Working in Laos

Would you consider the possibility of going to Laos to work in the reconstruction either as a volunteer with expenses paid or as a paid employee?

Choose one answer for each category.

Working in the USA

Would you be willing to work in the United States of America to help in the reconstruction of Laos, either as a volunteer or as a paid employee?

Choose one answer for each category.

Skills checklist

Please check the skills you have in the lists below, wether learned in the U.S.A., Laos, or elsewere. Skills can be learned many ways, such as work experiencem trainingm education, hobby, etc. Check as many as apply to you.

Example: If you have skills in farming and banking, check "agriculture/farming/livestock" and "banking operations".

Skills Priority

Please list your top three skills in priority order. Also indicate the number of years of experience you have for each of these skills.


Please any pertinent academic or personal experience.


Please indicate your level of ablility for each language:

Other Information

If you have other skills or abilities, or if you have any other information that you consider appropriate, please indicate so:

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After making sure you have throughly completed the form, press the "submit" button to send your information. The server might take a few seconds to receive the request, so press only once.